Headstone Tabernacle is pleased to announce our annual International July Convention from July 5 – 7, 2019.

This year the inspiration of the convention will be “Harvest Time

MARK 4:26-29 (KJV)

26 And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground;

27 And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.

28 For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.

29 But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.


And God has never left Hisself on the earth without a witness. God has always, somewhere, some place, had a person that He could put His hands on and would stand for a witness. So if He has did that, down since Genesis, the beginning, surely, somewhere, God has a man that He can lay His hand on now. For He—He’s more than one man now, He has many men that He can lay His hand on, because we’re coming down to the—the gathering time, the harvest time.


294 Now watch. Now remember, the word m-o-u-r-e-h, moureh means teaching, the “former rain.” It says the moureh, “rain,” the teaching rain. Teaching rain went forth. Billy Graham has struck the world; the Pentecostals struck the world; and the Word has struck the world.

295 Now, what’s the matter now? She is now waiting for “the latter rain.” That’s when she produces her fruits. Oh! Hum! I hope you get her. Then the kind of seed you have planted in your field will be the kind of crop you will reap. If the denominations wants more members, that’s what they’re going to get; that’s what they have gotten. The Pentecostals wants more Pentecostals; that’s what they’re going to get. Right. But the Word is going to produce sons and daughters of God. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Right. That’s coming, too. Watch. Look at that great latter rain supposed to be done, how they would run over the wall, leap over, and how they’d be an army coming. Just wait a minute. Uh-huh. The kind of crop you’ll get, is the kind of seed you put in your field. All right.


166 Now at the harvest time, the Seed is back to its original Life, back to the Bible. Malachi 4 said it would be brought that way. Oh, oh, my! Must have all! To be this way, It must have all of the Word. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]


168 No, it’ll never be It. At the harvest time, the Seed is back to its original condition, and must have all of the Word, in order to be the Seed. Now, you can’t have a half a Seed; it won’t grow. See? It’s got to be the whole Seed. It’s got to not manifest…Say, “I believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! I believe in speaking in tongues.” That’s just part of the Seed, uh-huh, but now there is added to that. Hallelujah! See? The Life, not the gifts; the Life of the gifts. See, see what I mean? We’re at the end time, brethren.


God is uniting His Bride. She is coming together, from the East and the West, and the North and South. There is a uniting time, and that’s on right now. What is She uniting for? The Rapture. Amen! God’s getting Her ready. Yes sir, uniting! What is She uniting with? With the Word! “For all heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away.” She’s uniting Herself with THUS SAITH THE LORD regardless of what any denomination or anybody else says. She’s uniting Herself. She’s getting ready. Why? She is the Bride. That’s right. And She’s united Herself with Her Bridegroom, see, and the Bridegroom is the Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” – Rev. William Marrion Branham


Oh, brother, give me a church full of the Holy Ghost. God will do in one year what all theology’s failed to do in two thousand years. You wait till the anointing of the church really strikes home to that faithful the little remnant. After the doors of the Gentiles is closed, oh, God will anoint a church then. “He who’s filthy, let him be filthy still. He who’s righteous let him be righteous still, and he who’s holy let him be holy still.” And God will anoint the church with the power of God, and things will be taken place. – Rev. William Marrion Branham


24 – 25 Jacksonville,

Ajim Baksh Trace,

Sangre Grande.

Trinidad & Tobago


Fri July 05 – 10:00 am & 6:00 pm

Sat July 06 – 10:00 am, 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Sun July 07 – 10:00 am & 4:00 pm

(Doors will open one hour before service)


We have negotiated special rates with the Holiday Inn Express Trincity for accommodations and we have contracted transportation and catering companies to make your experience in Trinidad completely hassle-free.

The prices below cover ALL expenses from:

Check In (Thursday July 04, 2018) to Check Out (Monday July 8, 2018)

SPECIAL RATES (All Inclusive)

(4) Four Persons in one room – $85 USD per person per night.

(3) Three Persons in one room – $97 USD per person per night.

(2) Double Occupancy – $121 USD per person per night.

(1) Single Occupancy – $212 USD per person per night.

Per Person Rates Include Hotel Accommodation, Transportation and ALL Meals.

e.g. If you are in a room with four people, the cost for each individual in the room for the entire weekend would be $85 x 4 nights = $340

That cost covers ALL of your accommodation, transportation and food expenses for the weekend.

A Buffet Breakfast will be provided at the Hotel. Lunch & Dinner will be provided at Headstone Tabernacle.

If you plan to come into Trinidad earlier or leave later than the dates above please let us know on the registration form and via email at [email protected]

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

Links are provided below for Registration and Visa Request Letters.

May God Richly Bless You

Pastor Theophilus Ovid jr